Marijn Claes (1993) is a classically trained Belgian actor and playwright. He has toured with major Dutch companies throughout the Netherlands, and has acted in several Dutch TV-shows and movies.

When he was 14, Marijn moved from a small village in in Flanders to Antwerp. Where he, after studying Contemporary dance for one year, started studying Acting & Musical Theatre at ‘De Kunsthumaniora Antwerpen’ at the age of 15.

In 2011 Marijn moved to Amsterdam to pursue his career in Acting and started his BA Acting studies at the Amsterdam School for the Arts. During his training he played in several shows like e.g. ‘A representation of God’ (Director: Ruut Weissman) and ‘In the Republic of Happiness’ (Director: Michiel de Regt).

In his final year Marijn acted in the plays ‘The Buildmaster’ from the National Theatre of the Netherlands (Director: Theu Boermans) and ‘The Discovery of Heaven’ (Director: Igance Cornelissen) and toured throughout the Netherlands. He graduated along with his class in a new rendition of Brecht’s ‘Baal’ (Director: Tatiana Pratley)

During his education at the Amsterdam School for the Arts, Marijn took writing classes taught by Jurrian van Dongen and Rob de Graaf. Under the guidance of Rob, he wrote his first play ‘The Colony’ which was presented within the school. At the moment Marijn is writing a new play: a coming of age story about outgrowing fairy tales and the inescapability of death.

After a few years Marijn decided to follow a Masters degree in Acting at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he graduated in 2018. During this course he collaborated with amongst others: Sarah Davey-Hull, Morwenna Rowe, Ben Naylor and Mike Alfreds.

Since his graduation Marijn has played in shows like ‘Wild Cherries’ (Director: Marijn Graven), ‘DUBIO’ (director: Frank Siera), The Three Sisters (Director: Mike Alfreds) and Scenes From the End of the World (director: Sarah Davey-Hull).

Marijn also appeared in several TV shows and Feature movies like ‘On the Road to Boxing Day’ (Director Anna van Keimpema), ‘Danni Lowinski’ (Director: Zip Wertwijn), ‘The Swell’ (Director: Hans Herbots), Made for Each other (Director: Martijn Heijne), Lekker dan (Director; Astrid van Keulen) and others.

Marijn can also be seen at various theatre festivals throughout the Netherlands where he performs one of his own works like his performance 'Eyecatcher'.