I remember that I started using different names

Did I tell you about that?

About my grandmother?

I was completely sold on Disney movies






Snow White

Although I always found Yasmine to be very peculiar

Because she’s the only one who’s brown

I mean Mulan is Chinese

but she’s white

Give everyone a different color

Very confusing as a child


I wanted to have a name like that

Like a princess

Because maybe then I would be a princess too

I thought

So I forced my parents to call me by different names

Else I just wouldn’t react

And every day a different name

It must have been so confusing for them

I would sit in front of my parents

At the kitchen table

And I would present my schedule for the week







And so on

My father at the bottom of the stairs

‘Ariel, it’s dinner time!’

And me at the top

‘It’s Thursday: my name is Mulan!’

And now my name is

Got to stay true to your friends


From the movie

You know

The princess and the frog

Come on

The movie about that little firefly who is in love with a star


Actually it’s about a poor black girl who wants to open up a restaurant but doesn’t have to money and marries a prince to get it.

But that doesn’t matter

Actually it’s about that little firefly who’s in love with a star

And everybody just keeps shouting to him that he can’t be in love with a star

But that little firefly doesn’t care

Because he’s in love with the prettiest star in the universe


In the end he dies

He gets squashed

The firefly

And then


When you’re mascara is seeping into your mouth from crying

There it is

A second star appears into the sky right next to Evangeline


My mother always called my grandmother

To explain my names of the week

She couldn’t remember them anymore

So she would write them on her calendar so she wouldn’t hurt me

God, I miss that women

Excerpt from 'Eyecatcher'

© Marijn Claes 2017