Reprise Eyecatcher

November 16, 2018

Yesterday, on the 15th of november, Marijn appeared again as Evangeline Eyecatcher in the show 'Eyecatcher' during Roomservice Wageningen.


Eyecatcher is an intimate encounter with Dragqueen Evangeline Eyecatcher. You're invited, as her BFF, to go back-stage and cheer her on for the single most important show in her life. Today she will be declaring her everlasting love, live on-stage, to one of her (straight) friends.


'He's always drunk when I'm near

Else I'm not even allowed to...

But if only you could see his eyes

I swear

On those moments

He loves me more than his own mother'


'Eyecatcher' has been translated into English especially for Roomservice Wageningen


Eyecatcher can also be booked for your festival! Contact Marijn here.

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