Studio OT

April 29, 2019

Today Marijn Claes started rehearsing at 'De Studio' of OT Rotterdam. During three weeks he will work with other theaterprofessionals on scenes and acts based on the theme of work. Under the guidance of Mirjam Koen and Gerrit Timmers, this will result in a performance.


'The studios of OT rotterdam have a long tradition that started with the Independent Theater. The purpose of a Studio is to make a presentation with a laboratory-like character. The participants work for three weeks on assignments, short scenes and acts, resulting in a performance. The final artistic responsibility lies with Mirjam Koen. Mirjam Koen received the ACT Award in 2017 for her contribution to talent development and diversity in the theater. The Studios were explicitly mentioned as very valuable for the development of starting and experienced players and makers.'


Performance dates:


17 may     20.00u

18 may     16.00u

19 may     16.00u


Tickets are available here

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